Tern ATC Simulator


Tern Systems’ ATC Simulator (TSIM) provides a realistic training environment for the training of air traffic controllers. The Training simulators modular design makes it a scalable and cost efficient turn key training solution, suitable for all types of ATC training. TSIM is the perfect training solution for Ground, Tower, Approach and En-route ATC training.

• TSIM-Radar has ability to display and control hundreds of simultaneous radar tracks is supported through multiple radars of various performances.
• TSIM-3D Tower is an 3D ATC tower simulator designed to provide the training environment necessary for realistic tower control training with view up to 360° 3D surroundings using projectors or LCD monitors.
• TSIM-ADS-CPDLC simulator offers integrated training environment for ATC training of ADS and CPDLC.
• TSIM-VCSS is a Voice Communication System Simulator (VCSS) provides an efficient and realistic communication between pseudo-pilot and an ATC student


• Simulation of multiple radars of various performance capabilities.
• Powerful route creation and editing tools
• Support for radar procedures, including direct to fix, resume own navigation,fly arc, fly track, fly radial, intercept radial etc.
• Simulation record and playback with pause and resume functionality.
• User definable conflict alert parameters.
• Full Datalink connectivity for automatic or manual ADS-CPDLC comunication between aircraft and ATCOs
• Fully featured highly scalable multi-channel VCSS system.
• COTS hardware maximises return on investment.
• Student versions for classroom integration in academic environment.

The radar simulator is suitable for all types of radar based ATC training. Various surveillance display types are available as well as Flight Data Processing Displays (FDP) and Airport Information Displays (AIS) that can be configured and added to the setup.

The 3D tower simulator can be used as a standalone simulator or in an integrated environment where students being trained for tower, approach and area control can participate in the same exercise for realistic coordination and communication. It can be configured to run on a single PC or as a fully functional 360° training facility and everywhere in between. A Supervisor’s interface controls the setup of the exercises and can add realism to the scenario such as emergency situations, changes in weather, generate accidents and hardware related incidents.

TSIM Brochure

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