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Tern ATS Message System


A complete suite of products for handling and processing Aeronautical Messages in ATS operations.

• TAMS-Switch provides full AFTN message switching functionality in addition to being able to deliver messages using TCP/IP, CIDIN, SMTP and AMHS protocols.
• TAMS-Gateway has simple AFTN routing capabilities, designed for small AFTN operators that have a single AFTN line which is shared by few devices or consoles.
• TAMS-Terminals offers terminals (called User Agents for AMHS) for working with AFTN or AMHS messages.


Product Features

• Message preparation, edit and print
• Automatic inclusion of generic data
• AFTN Message format verification
• Flight Plan form-fill based on ICAO Doc.4444 includes auto-generation of standard data
• Message archive and retrieval
• Automatic Flight Strip printing
• Full positional recording and playback
• AFTN Terminal

The AFTN Terminal system provide all basic services from creating, editing and receiving AFTN messages to more advanced functions of filtering, routing, transmitting and storing AFTN messages.

TAMS – Switch

The TAMS-Switch provides full AFTN message switching functionality in addition to being able to deliver messages using TCP/IP, CIDIN, and SMTP protocols. The core message switch model is protocol independent and switches any message as long as it can be mapped to the reduced AFTN envelope. This allows for seamless integration with the AMHS protocol.

TAMS is a message switching system based on COTS hardware components and operating system(s) with high reliability and excellent maintainability resulting from Tern Systems years of system development in the ATC world.

TAMS provides full AFTN functionality with an optional extension for the CIDIN protocol and optionally basic and extended AMHS functionality.

TAMS – Gateway
The TAMS-Gateway has simple AFTN routing capabilities, design designed for small AFTN operators that have a single AFTN line which is shared by few devices or consoles. The TAMS-Gateway is designed for autonomous operational requiring only occasional maintenance.

The TAMS-Gateway provides distribution and collection of AFTN messages, using a store and forward AFTN message router. The router is able to route messages based on addresses, message content and priority. The TAMS-Gateway has a user friendly graphical interface for message browsing and generation, in addition to system management function such as routing rule configuration and channel management.

TAMS – Terminals
With TAMS-Terminals, Tern Systems offers a variety of Operator Terminals for working with and processing Aeronautical Messages in ATS operations. The TAMS-Terminals product line works with any AFTN compliant AFTN equipment and is designed to work especially well with other TAMS products.

AMHS Made Easy

Tern Systems recognises the inherent complexity of AMHS which produces great challenge to operators and AMHS system developers. Therefore Tern Systems emphasises in making the transition to AMHS as smooth as possible. TAMS has been developed in closed cooperation with ATS switch operators, making the HMI and the operation of AMHS as simple and intuitive as possible.

Tern Systems’ ATC Simulator (TSIM) provides a realistic training environment for the training of air traffic controllers. The Training simulators modular design makes it a scalable and cost efficient turn key training solution, suitable for all types of ATC training. TSIM is the perfect training solution for Ground, Tower, Approach and En-route ATC training.

• TSIM-Radar has ability to display and control hundreds of simultaneous radar tracks is supported through multiple radars of various performances.
• TSIM-3D Tower is an 3D ATC tower simulator designed to provide the training environment necessary for realistic tower control training with view up to 360° 3D surroundings using projectors or LCD monitors.
• TSIM-ADS-CPDLC simulator offers integrated training environment for ATC training of ADS and CPDLC.
• TSIM-VCSS is a Voice Communication System Simulator (VCSS) provides an efficient and realistic communication between pseudo-pilot and an ATC student

AMHS User Agent

The AMHS User Agent provides basic handling of AMHS messages. The User Agent supports creating, editing and receiving AMHS messages with standard support for ATS messages.

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