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We at Tern Systems offer personal customer service designed to meet customer requirements.

We are a small enough company to be very flexible and responsive to customer needs but at the same time large enough to have the resources required for a diversity of international market demands and to continue our contribution to the CNS/ATM community.

The Tern Systems dedication to customer support is the basis for the success the company enjoys and the successful implementation of various ATC projects carried out by its personnel.

The deployment of any CNS/ATM solution demands customer support for installation, training and operations. Our customer support is tied directly to our quality assurance program in a continuous cycle of improvement.

Tern Systems dedication to excellence includes customer support at every stage of a project, from conception through development and installation to operation of the system.

When an ATC system becomes operational, customers enjoy the continuous support of the highly qualified support personnel at Tern Systems. Tern Systems support personnel are involved in developmental stages of the project and have:

Knowledge of the operational conditions of the system at the customer premises, including system configuration, building layout, network infrastructure, etc.
Detailed knowledge of the operational and technical workings of each system. Support personnel have usually participated in acceptance testing of systems, the creation of user manuals, and local system adaptation.

Direct access to engineers responsible for design, implementation and installation of the system.

Direct access to air traffic controllers at the ISAVIA for resolution of operational or procedural problems.