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Isavia has decommissioned its current ATC system in Keflavik, including the radar monitoring system and flight data processing system, and adopt in its place the TAS system from Tern Systems with all the mentioned features. 

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In 2010, The Mohammed VI Civil Aviation International academy, chose Tern Systems to design, customize and deliver a 3D tower simulation solution for the ONDA Academy. The facility consists of 1 180° curved screen simulator with 2 controllers and 3 pseudo-pilots and 4 3D training positions with 52″ plasma monitors with 1 pseudo-pilot position each. As the project progressed, 4 approach controller positions were added to the project to simultaneously train the APP/APS and Tower controllers.

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AFTN switch and terminals

Tern ATS Message Switch (TAMS) – Automatic Message Switching System

Tern Systems is delivering AFTN message switch and terminal to Pristhina International Airport (PIA) Kosovo.  The installation includes an AFTN message switch and AFTN message terminals, installation, training and support.

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Keflavik ATC Automation System

Tern System is delivering a integrated Radar Data Processing Systems (RDPS) and Flight Data Processing System (FDPS) – ATC Automation System for Keflavik Interational Airport (KEF).  The new system will drastically modernize the current working environment for air traffic controllers and technicians at Keflavik Airport.  The system will be installed in Keflavik Airport tower building serving ground, tower and approach controllers.  Furthermore, TAS exceptional safety net functions such as short term conflict alerts (STCA) and approach path monitoring, allowing KEF to provide improved service and safety for aircraft operators.

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ADS/CPDLC Simulator enhancements

Tern Systems ATC Simulator (TSIM) – ADS/CPDLC enhancments

The enhanced ATC operational environment, with new digital communication techniques demands enhanced training environment for Isavia training school.  Tern Systems has enhanced the existing training simulator with ADS-B/C and Controller Pilot Datalink Communication (CPDLC) functionality.  This allows for more realistic training environment for new and existing air traffic controllers.

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AMHS enhancment

Tern Systems’ ATS message handling system operates one of the world’s largest ATS communication center, the Gannet ATS communication center.  The messages switch is an integrated multi-protocol messages switch which supports AFTN, CIDIN and even the internet mail protocol SMTP.  Tern Systems and Gannet are now adding support for the AMHS protocol.  Tern Systems teamed up with Isode, a leading message and directory server company based on the LDAP and X.500 protocols (directory) and SMTP, IMAP, POP3, XMPP and X.400 protocols (messaging).  

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