Factory Acceptance Testing completed for Cheongju Emergency Approach Control System

Tern Systems reached an important milestone today when the Factory Acceptance Testing was completed for the Cheongju Emergency Approach Control System in S-Korea. This system will be a backup system for 3 major Approach Control Centers in S-Korea: Seoul, Jeju and Gimhae. The system will be installed in four locations, the main system in Cheongju but additional working positions will be located at each of the Approach Centers. Additionally, Tern will deliver a simulator to provide a training and testing environment. This system will also be delivered with a new product from Tern, the Electronic Flight Strip System.
In parallel to the FAT, three inspectors from the Seoul Regional Office of Aviation and the Busan Regional Office of Aviation received training on our systems.
The next phase of the project is installation in S-Korea and training for Operators and Maintenance personnel.