ATC Global in China – “xie xie” [syeh-syeh].

Yes, thank you China for a good show and great audience.  As usual, we displayed at the ATC Global, this time in Beijing, China.

Since Asia is one of our most active market areas, we got the chance of meeting even more of our current and future customers at our stand.  We displayed our TAS (Tern ATC System) and TSIM (Tern Simulator) systems for hundreds of interested customers as well as the AWOS system from Insero, one of our partner companies.  We also got the chance of meeting with many of our other great partners such as Thales, Harris, Frequentis, etc, many of our great Asian region agents.

Last but not least, we got the chance of meeting person to person with customers from all over the world with great interest in our great range of products for the ATC market.

We’d like to thank all of you that had the chance to meet us.  See you at the next show!