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We’re hiring!

Tern Systems is looking for a Quality and Safety Engineer to join our Quality and Safety Team.

You will take part in process-improvement initiatives to strengthen projects and product lifecycle stages, actively coaching employees on company┬┤s engineering practises.You will perform quality and safety engineering tasks as required in projects.

Qualifications include:
B.Sc/M.Sc. engineering degree,
experience in the application of industry software and system-related standards such as ISO/IEC 12207, ED-109(A)/DO-278(A), ED-153, IEC 61508 and CMMI-DEV,
strong understanding of software and systems development lifecycle,
experience in complex systems sectors (ideally in the Air Traffic Management domain) preferable,
experience in agile practises preferable.

Desirable qualifications are;
know-how of requirements management tools,
knowledge of Eurocontrol SAM,
knowledge of safety techniques such as FTA, FMEA and RBD,
experience in management of engineering analysis, design and integration activities.

Managerial and personal skills include;
ability to work in a collaborative, team oriented environment,
team leadership abilities,
strong verbal and written communication skills,
a high level of analytical and problem solving skills,
ability to read and understand large amount of documentation,
ability to address presentations to audience of different backgrounds.

Send your application or feel free to ask any question here: