Tern Systems at AIAC Enterprises in Morocco

On the 26th and 27th of September, Tern Systems attended the now to be annual “AIAC ENTREPRISES”, an annual job fair organized by Mohammed VI International Academy of Civil Aviation.  The fair was attended by various professionals from the aviation sector, ATC controllers,  students and members of ONDA, the ANS of Morocco.  Tern Systems awarded two of the academy’s top students in ATC at the graduation ceremony following a visit to Tern’s information stand by the minister of transportation.  Tern’s TSIM 3D Tower Simulator was also displayed to members of ONDA, the Moroccoan military and SAR operation and other aviation officials.

Mohammed VI International Academy of Civil Aviation is among the leading engineering schools in Morocco.   Created in 2000 by the King Mohammed VI of Morocco in order to trains air traffic controllers, Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel and aerospace engineers. Under the supervision of the Moroccan Airports Authority and the Ministry of Equipment and Transport, the university is based on the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Tern Systems has 5 3D Tower Simulators and 4 APP/APS simulators installed in the academy’s facilities in Casablanca, Morocco.

Top ATC graduates Graduation ceremony Simulator display
3D Tower Simulator 180° Tower instructor and student Pseudo-pilots