Gannet ATS AMHS Site Acceptance Test

Tern Systems and Gannet ATS Communication have completed Site Acceptance Test for the AMHS upgrade of the current Tern ATS Message Switch.  ATS Message Handling System (AMHS), also known as Aeronautical Message Handling System, is a standard defined by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) for aeronautical ground-ground communications.  The current AFTN/CIDIN Switch from Tern Systems has excellent track record (100% uptime) since it became operational in March 2006.

For the AMHS extension, Tern Systems integrated a software library from Isode, a leading message and directory server company.  Isode develops high-performance messaging and directory server software used in solutions for industries where security, stability, scalability and excellent support are core requirements.

Tern Systems integrated Isode solution into the current Tern ATS Message Switch environment, which is well known for the current operators and technicians of the system.  The configuration and operation of the AMHS system has been designed and developed in close cooperation with ATS Switch operators and technicians, making the user interface (HMI) and the operation of AMHS as simple and intuitive as possible.  This allows for smooth transition from the current AFTN/CIDIN environment into the AMHS environment.

The AMHS Terminal often referred to as AMHS UA was also included in the Site Acceptance Test.  The AMHS UA is an advanced messaging solution, designed to meet the needs of ATS operators.  The first operational trials will be with domestic AMHS UA scheduled Q4 2010, and the system is scheduled to be put in full operation in 2011.