Isavia takes Integrated Situation Display System into operation

Isavia, the Icelandic airport administration and is responsible for operating all public airports and air navigation services in Iceland, has put Integrated Situation Display developed by Tern Systems into operation.  The Integrated Situation Display integrates two fundamental systems in the Reykjavik Oceanic Area Control (ROACC) – the Radar Data Processing System and the Flight Data Processing System.  Until now these systems have had a very limited connection – where the controllers have been using two separate displays depending on the surveillance information available.

Tern Systems has developed the ISDS in close cooperation with Isavias’ air traffic controllers; merging the user interfaces and information from the different systems into one consistent and efficient display for the air traffic controller.  The new system enhances the controller situation awareness and introduces new tools and methods to enhance the service provided by Isavia.  Furthermore the new system allows for new surveillance sources such as ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) to be integrated into the display.