Tern Systems ATS Message Switch (TAMS) operational at Gannet, Iceland

The Tern Systems AFTN Switch has been taken into operational use at the Gannet ATS Communication Center (Iceland Radio).
TAMS is a message handling system based on COTS hardware components and operating system with high reliability and excellent maintainability resulting from Tern Systems years of system development in the ATC world.
TAMS provides full AFTN functionality in addition to being able to deliver messages using TCP/IP, CIDIN and SMTP (Email) protocols. The message switch module is protocol independent and switches any message as long as it can be mapped to the reduced AFTN envelope. This allows for seamless integration with the AMHS protocol.
The cutover from the old AFTN switch to TAMS went well, and TAMS has been in operation for over a month now without any problems.