3D Tower and Approach Simulator operational at the Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration Training Centre

Today the Tern Systems’ 3D Tower and Approach Simulator became operational at the ATC school in Iceland. The simulator uses Vega PRIME™ 3D simulation engine to visualize Reykjavik (BIRK) airport and necessary surroundings, and an enhanced version of the existing simulator to feed that 3D simulation engine.
The simulator provides the training environment necessary for realistic training in both tower and approach sectors. In the current setup the tower simulator has 1 controller workstation with 180° 3D view, and 1 pseudo-pilot workstation. The approach simulator has 3 pseudo-pilot positions and 3 controller positions with a simulator version of the operational Radar Data Processing System.
Since ICAA have made an agreement with NATO for training Air Traffic Controllers from Kosovo, Tern Systems engineers are now working on modelling Pristina International Airport, Kosovo, which will be ready in the beginning of next year.
Tern Systems can now provide a full suite of controller training solutions, consisting of a RDPS/FDPS simulator, supporting ADS/CPDLC messages and Communication simulator for Tower, Approach and Area Control.
This allows for highly integrated and realistic training environment, where students being trained for Tower, Approach and Area Control can participate in the same exercise, for realistic coordination and communications.