ATC Automation System RDPS/FDPS

Tern ATC Automation System (TAS) – Integrated Radar and Flight Data System

Tern Systems is supplying Radar and Flight Data Processing System for the Jeju International Airport, S-Korea. The system serves primarily tower and approach controllers in Jeju, however is additionallya radar back-up system for the whole korea area control (Incheon FIR). The normal load of the system is to receive 220 concurrent tracks from 8 radars. Each day there are around 2000 flights that pass through the system.

The operational systems consists of the following working positions

4 Approach controller working positions
3 Area control working position
2 Tower controlling working position
Additionally Tern Systems Flight Data Terminal (FDT) is installed on 26 airports in South Korea.

As part of the ATC Automation Systems the Tern Systems Radar Simulator was supplied with 1 controlling working position and 2 pseudo-pilot positions.