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Tern Systems developed in cooperation with Isavia a new system (Isavia NOTAM System) to send NOTAM messages via ATFN terminal. The project started in 2014 but was taken into operation late April this year. NOTAM (A Notice to Airmen) is sent to alert pilots of potential hazards along a flight route or at the destination that could affect the flight.
The main difference from the legacy system is a database to store NOTAM, more efficient procedures and is supposed to minimize human error. Site Acceptance Test completed early April.

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An important milestone was achieved with the completion of both factory training and factory acceptance testing for the Pohang ARTS project on the 4th of March. Valuable time with the end-users resulted in the ability to customize the ARTS to the needs that arose during the training. Cooperation is one of Tern Systems values and being able to satisfy customer expectations is of importance to us.
Next phases of the project include installation of the system, inspection, on the job training and site acceptance test. The TAS system will support multilateration which is being implemented for the Pohang Airport.

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Winner of the prize draw announced

Tern Systems and Isavia had a prize draw at our stand at the World ATM Congress. The prize was a trip to Iceland from any of Icelandair’s destinations and the South Shore Adventure Tour with Reykjavik Excursions – for two persons.

We are pleased to announce the lucky winner this year. His name is Johan Steinkjer and he comes from Norway. We congratulate him on his win and hope he will enjoy his trip to Iceland.

Thank you all who participated for visiting us at our stand.

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Thanks for visiting your stand

Tern Systems would like to thank everyone that came to visit us at our stand at the World ATM Congress in Madrid. We had a lot of interest in our products, including our new Phraseology Trainer. We are particularly pleased with our mother company, Isavia, receiving the Jane´s Award in the Service Provision category, for an ADS-B surveillance corridor between Europe and North America. Isavia is the first ASNP to implement ADS-B separation in an international air-space. Isavia also won the Single European Sky Award by the European Commission for Borealis Free Route Airspace Project
We hope to be in touch with you again soon.

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